If you aren’t sure where to start,
you’re in the right place.


Argo workshops take a 3-step approach to engaging participants:

Part 1: Shared Learning
Conversations on collective terminology, how to use inclusive language, and why inclusivity matters.

Part 2: Human Experience 
Exercises to build empathy in interpersonal relationships and social interactions. 

Part 3: Collaborative Activity
Interactive activity to identify opportunities for inclusion within the employee life-cycle and determine next steps.


Workshop & Webinar Topics We Cover

  • Diversifying company mission statements

  • Innovating Inclusive product design

  • LGBTQIA+ recruiting & onboarding

  • Building a more inclusive hiring process

  • Implementing inclusive pronouns

  • Understanding and minimizing gender-bias

  • Expanding and aligning inclusive company values


Core Workshop Offerings

Taking Action: Inclusive Hiring

About the Experience

This introductory workshop is ideal for teams and communities eager to identify opportunities for inclusion within their existing hiring process and develop necessary action steps.

Key Takeaways

  • Solidified understanding, fluency, and familiarity with the value of inclusion through engagement with diverse teams and identities. 

  • Empowered, connected teams who can identify opportunities for inclusion throughout their hiring process. 

  • A core foundation with tangible action steps to build out inclusion each step of the way.



Taking Action: Inclusive Pronouns

About the Experience

This introductory workshop is ideal for teams and communities at the beginning of their inclusion journey looking to gain more in-depth knowledge on the use of inclusive pronouns and why they matter.

Key Takeaways

  • Encourage easy daily actions that have a big impact (ex: adding pronouns to Slack).

  • Increase fluency, empathy, and active allyship across key departments & company-wide.

  • Set teams up for success for future Diversity & Inclusion initiatives by building a core foundation.



Innovating Belonging: Building Inclusive Products

About the Experience:

Using a Design Thinking format, this session offers teams the tools they need to create products, services, and features that are inclusive of all identities. This workshop is ideal for teams involved in the process of building, designing, marketing and shipping products, services or features that serve a diverse population. (engineers, designers, product managers, social media teams, etc.)

Key Takeaways:

  • Solidified value of inclusion through a lens teams are already familiar with by taking the user’s needs into account.

  • Empowered teams who identify gaps in inclusion when building new products & features.

  • Codified best practices for teams to utilize in the creation of new products, features & team culture for all identities.



Innovating Belonging: Aligning Mission, Vision & Values

About this experience:

This workshop offers teams the tools they need to adapt existing values or create new ones in order to align them with a long term commitment to diversity and inclusion. We utilize a Design Thinking methodology to build momentum, activate teams and collaborate on practical and actionable solutions together. This format keeps participants fully engaged and committed throughout the session so team members feel their opinions matter and are collectively invested in the outcome. increasing the efficacy of the session and setting change in motion.

This session is ideal for leadership teams, managers and members of the community intent on solidifying their mission and shoring up values to reflect a commitment to Diversity & Inclusion.

Key Takeaways:

  • A unified vision of Diversity & Inclusion reflected through updated company values

  • Team building exercises that challenge the status quo and leave members feeling empowered and supported.

  • Defined success and challenges to tackle to ensure alignment with D&I



Included In All Workshops


Workshop Facilitators
2-3 Expert facilitators with deep knowledge on the topic and lived experience as underrepresented identities.

Collaborative Group Experiences
Participants form small groups to work through challenges as a team. Shared experiences are valuable when learning new and complex information.

Inclusive Action Cards
A deck of 18 cards with actionable tips for innovative teams to foster belonging. Each card presents a new opportunity to take inclusive action. One deck per attendee.

Interactive Toolkits
During the workshop, participants use workbooks to solve complex challenges and articulate solutions. These toolkits include best practices and resources for continued learning long after the workshop is over.

Pronoun Stickers
Participants can opt to wear stickers with the pronouns they identify with to normalize the practice of gender inclusion.

Unlimited Prep Calls
We want to make sure every experience fits the unique needs and challenges of every organization we work with. This includes unlimited calls leading up to the workshop to make sure the experience feels right for the team.