Argo programming and workshops offer an intersectional approach to sensitivity training, customized to the clientele and community we are working with.


Program Development

We provide in-depth Administrative evaluations and assessments

ŸŸŸŸŸ✚ŸŸ Create active policies and practices

✚ Establish cohesive language

✚ Acquire educator reference guides

✚ Gather data for deeper implications


Parent Community

School communities work best when everyone is on the same page, and parents and families are a big piece of the puzzle.

✚ŸŸ Kick off the year with school-wide parent assemblies

✚ŸŸ Engage parents and families with regular workshops

✚ŸŸ Stay informed utilizing our family check-in resources




We work closely with teachers so they feel confident supporting their students as they grow and develop. Let us help you help them!


Faculty Workshops

 Each PD feels like a personal and intimate share of knowledge and understanding.  

✚ Establish a baseline of awareness with single session workshops

 Access ongoing  support with series workshops  

Gain understanding and awareness of gender development at all age levels.

Solidarity Groups

We appreciate the work educators put into their classrooms. Argo provides long-term support for educators between workshops.

Engage in weekly challenges and activities

✚ Compile data to track changes over time

✚ Access in-class activities and resources for the classroom.  



We understand that parenting is hard stuff! We work with families and parent groups to approach these sensitive topics as a united front.


Individuals & Groups

As kids start asking more questions and gaining confidence, it can be difficult to know just what to say and how to support them.

 Tackle complex developmental stages together

✚ Gain knowledge about gender terminology and Trans identities. 

✚  Answer questions and gain feedback about all the stages of your child’s development.

Access resources and conversation starters to share with family and friends.




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We are devoted to our clients as they embark on the journey towards inclusivity and acceptance.

We understand that talking about gender with kids is a sensitive process, and we are here to help. We care deeply about the individual growth and experiences of all our collective members, whether they are classroom full of six-year olds or a board room full of adults! 

We currently offer services to Administrators, Educators, Families and Camps, but we are always open to new adventures!



In Their Own Words: 

ARGO offered the perfect combination of poise, patience and thoughtfulness to our group. You made what could have been a really challenging, delicate conversation feel approachable and navigable. We will continue to grow in our understanding of gender identity thanks to the fantastic foundation that you helped to create for us.

We currently offer services to:



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