Workplace Inclusion Strategies
For Innovative Teams

Actionable strategies for building authentic, inclusive cultures.  


Stereotyping is a contributing factor to unfairness in the workplace

Graph taken from Kapor Center TechLeavers Study

The reality 

Unfairness in the workplace takes many forms
and is a large factor in underrepresented talent leaving their jobs. 

  • 32% of women in tech quit their jobs after just one year.
  • 30% of underrepresented women of color reported being passed over for promotion.
  • 62% of all employees would have stayed if their company had taken steps to create a more positive and respectful work environment.

(Figures taken from Kapor Center TechLeavers Study)

“I was uncomfortable with several aspects of the work environment…There was a ‘boys club’ mentality and lots of discrimination against women.”
— Female, Director of Product

Workplace Inclusion Strategies

Argo Collective uses the shared language of design and product thinking
to harness creative energy and activate learning.

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Activate Change in your workplace

Our programs are collaborative, integrative and always super hands-on to engage learning and go beyond theory.

  • Discover tools for inclusive communication
  • Collaborate and problem solve real-life challenges
  • Create tactical strategies to be more inclusive

Improve company culture

Trans and nonbinary facilitators create a safe space to build empathy for marginalized identities & work through challenges.

  • Reduce talent churn
  • Innovation & Productivity rise
  • Strong sense of belonging
Workplace-Inclusion-Workshop (1).005.jpeg

Pilot Package

Teams leave with a concrete plan for going forward.  Inclusion isn’t built in a day, but a scalable foundation certainly can be.

  • Workshop Materials for Each Attendee:
    • Workplace Inclusion Cards
    • Inclusion Workbooks
    • Pronouns Stickers
  • Culture Baseline Survey + Outcome Reporting
  • GO-forward Action Plan

Before Argo

“I wish there was more diversity in the department heads.”

“I struggle with not having many 'Like Me' people who work here.”

“I worry that when I give feedback, it will be biased.”


After argo

“Going through this with my team really helped me feel appreciated and valued.”

“I really appreciated the feeling of being able to ask ‘dumb’ questions without judgement.”

“The energy in the room during the workshop is powerful and palpable, and it has endured.”


The Power of Action

“The commitment I made during the workshop was to add my pronouns to my email signature and online profiles. Shortly after doing that… a local University reached out seeking our assistance with helping a [transgender] student secure an internship.”

- Martin Hauck, Coinsquare


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Unfairness is why underrepresented groups quit
Graph taken from Kapor Center TechLeavers Study