Argo sparks critical and approachable conversations about gender development, trans inclusion, and intersectional identities.



Our Philosophy



We recognize the potential for growth and work together with our community to achieve positive change. We create action steps for every school, parent, and child to help keep the ball rolling!



At ARGO, we believe in the integrity and individuality of every person’s unique experience. Respecting the whole-child is fundamental to our educational practices and workshops.

 Gender Organizing


The Gender Ocean™ is an accessible educational resource for teachers and students alike to promote awareness and foster safe spaces for holistic identity development and gender formation in every child.



In The Words of our Clients, 

ARGO offered the perfect combination of poise, patience and thoughtfulness to our group. You made what could have been a really challenging, delicate conversation feel approachable and navigable. We will continue to grow in our understanding of gender identity thanks to the fantastic foundation that you helped to create for us.
— Board Director, Willie Mae Rock Camp


What's the story with ARGO?


In ancient Greek Mythology, The Argo was the first ship to ever sail. Fortified by the Goddess Athena, it had magical properties that protected its crew, called Argonauts.

The Argonauts were explorers of the unknown, adventurers on a dangerous but ultimately rewarding quest. The Argo was their sacred vessel.

We at Argo Collective consider ourselves a vessel of knowledge, here to protect and care for our noble gender adventurers on their journey.

The Goddess Athena [was summoned] to build the first ship out of wood. The first to pierce the salty deep with its wooden oars, the first to disturb the sea with its passage.
— Taken from Orphic Argonautica (64ff.)