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Argo Collective works with innovative companies and startups developing inclusive strategies for long-term safety and sustainability. As a queer-owned organization, we offer training, workshops and collaborative labs to improve the lives of trans and nonbinary employees and establish welcoming environments for all identities. We also provide resources for transitioning employees and share strategies for safe and healthy transitions in the workplace.

We are always looking to partner with other individuals and organizations doing this work to spread an intersectional message across the industry that promotes all marginalized identities. Our work de-centers racist, ableist, sexist, classist, transphobic, xenophobic and islamophobic agendas in the workplace and the world at large.



The Collective

 Pronouns: They/Them

Pronouns: They/Them

Jay Bendett
Co-Founder & CEO

Jay is a nonbinary inclusion strategist and master facilitator who specializes in workplace inclusion for innovative communities. Jay founded Argo Collective to transform startups and corporations into supportive environments for trans, nonbinary and all marginalized identities by developing actionable tools to navigate complex situations. Through their work with Argo Collective Jay empowers team members to become agents of change in the workplace and the world at large.

The artistry behind Jay’s process is the result of years conducting extensive research on Trans inclusion and safety in startups and schools, a Master’s degree in Gender Politics from NYU, and published works in academic journals. While in graduate school, Jay interviewed dozens of organizations and institutions, gaining deep insight into the ways in which transgender and nonbinary individuals are treated, valued and prioritized in their workplace and school communities.

 Pronouns: He/Him

Pronouns: He/Him

Max Masure
Co-Founder & coo 

Max is a Gender Inclusion Strategist and Co-Founder at Argo Collective. As a transgender inclusion facilitator, Max draws on his personal experience as well as his extensive background in design thinking. Max develops the blueprints for organizations to use creativity, empathy and collaboration to tackle gender inclusion challenges. For over a decade Max served as an award-winning UX Designer for startups and Fortune 50 companies including Talkspace, Goldman Sachs and IDEO. As vice president of the Paris-based organization Girlz in Web, he promoted women in STEM.

Max continues the vital work to improve safety for all identities working with D&I teams from innovative companies around the world. As a Trans-identified gamer, Max has first-hand experiences being perceived as female in tech communities for many years prior to transitioning, and currently experiences these same communities from a masculine point of view. This dual awareness offers Max the unique ability to empathize with a wide range of perspectives in the tech industry.

 Pronouns: She/Her

Pronouns: She/Her

GEarah Goldstein
LGBTQ Sensitivity Trainer 

Gearah is a nationally recognized LGBTQ subject matter expert. She works tirelessly to focus on and eliminate fear surrounding topics of gender, love, and acceptance. She speaks publicly with tenderness and encourages a positive environment that opens hearts and minds.

Gearah's primary focus includes helping further the implementation of public and private policies that add gender inclusion practices. Gearah is a founder of The GenderCool Project, an awareness campaign that brings to life exceptional stories of transgender young people.

 Pronouns: She/Her

Pronouns: She/Her

A. Summer minerva
Curriculum Design

Summer Minerva is an educator and performance artist with gender and multiculturalism as focal themes of her work. Summer holds a BA in International Studies and Journalism from the University of Miami and a Masters of Science in Education from the City College of NY. She worked for 5 years as an elementary school special education teacher at Central Park East 1, the Earth School, as well as PS36. Summer currently works to incorporate sociological research and personal storytelling to engage participants in workshops she facilitates.

 Pronouns: She/Her

Pronouns: She/Her

Natalie Spitzer
Data Consultant 

Natalie Spitzer is a data analyst, combining years of experience working with the Department of Education and a strategic understanding of experiential learning.   Her Master's Degree from New York University in Sociology of Education with a concentration in Education Policy lends itself to translating raw data into logistical policy design and successful environmental adaptations.


A word about Pronouns:


Some team members use "They/Them" pronouns. The usage of the singular "they" is now recognized in English Dictionaries as grammatically correct. 


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