Uncomplicating the Complicated

We use design thinking and agile development frameworks to connect teams with familiar strategies so they can master new concepts quickly.


Collaborative workshops

  • Inspire growth and empathy by encouraging gender inclusion. When diversity of thought is a priority, it not only attracts innovative new talent, it will help those already on board stay put.

  • Our workshops are data driven in their approach to ensuring the efficacy of the work and the transparency of its impact. 

  • Be the catalyst for productive communication: when challenging topics are addressed, teams focus better

Sense of belonging & community

  • Research shows when you open the conversation about gender inclusion, teams are more likely to stay with the company. Supporting the most at-risk employees builds an environment that works for everyone.

  • A happy team  is a productive team. When company talent feels appreciated and heard, they are more likely to try harder at their jobs. 

  • Positive internal and external representation of the brand has direct, positive impact on customers’ appreciation. Brand loyalty and customer approval has a lot to do with how the company is managing on the inside.

Easy to implement  

  • Start with a single 90-min workshop. No commitment, you set the pace and we will follow.  
  • A price model that scales allows us to work with all types of organizational structures.  

  • Our trainings are crafted to work within the flow of a typical work day, so your team can continue to do what they do best: their job.


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