We support you in building inclusive classrooms and communities for early learners as they grow. 




Custom workshops and programming development are tailored to suit the needs of your school community.


Training programs and in-class visits get the ball rolling in your classrooms and support you as you go.


One-on-one and group sessions for your parent community makes learning about gender accessible.



At Argo, we are Committed: 

✓ Nonjudgemental, we encourage learning

✓ Approachable material that builds on what you already know

✓ Starting from the ground up? We offer "Gender 101" workshops to get you started!


Argo sparks accessible and critical conversations about gender development, trans inclusion, and intersectional identities.


Starting Early 

By Age 2,  children already understand gender as binary, so most believe they only have 2 options for their identity. 

At Argo, we feel that gender is nuanced and complex, just as every human is unique. We work to create communities in which every child feels safe and supported as they grow.



Personalized workshops for your group or organization facilitates learning and promotes gender awareness.


Programming Development

Develop comprehensive, inclusion-based programming, from nursery school to early elementary.


Classroom Visits

In-Class sessions offer new activities and resources to help answer questions and tackle challenges, together. 



Argo In Practice:

ARGO offered the perfect combination of poise, patience and thoughtfulness to our group. You made what could have been a really challenging, delicate conversation feel approachable and navigable.
— Board President, Willie Mae Rock Camp