These are our suggested books and movies for adults, caretakers, teachers and anyone interested in learning more about transgender, non-binary, and gender independent kids! 


Books to Read


Redefining Realness

By Janet Mock

Mock’s deeply honest and exposing account of her experiences as a young, poor, trans woman of color offers a critical voice to one of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in America. Mock portrays a powerful yet accessible window into one woman’s journey for self-realization and acceptance, demonstrating the unique challenges of a trans woman of color, and the incredible possibilities that come along with embracing yourself, your identity, and ultimately one another.

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The Gender creative child

By Diane Ehrensaft. PhD

In need of up-to-date psychological research in support of gender creative children? Look no further! Ehrensaft has devoted her career to supporting families in affirming their gender independent children. This resource is indispensable to adults who are seeking to advocate and mobilize for a more gender-equitable future.



Supporting Transgender & gender creative Youth 

By Elizabeth J Meyer & Annie Pullen Sansfaçon

An accessible book of guiding principles, important research, and social action methods for cultivating spaces that support Transgender children and youth.  A helpful resource for practitioners, families, school communities and educators. The authors artfully debunk and address the influence of psychiatric diagnoses, legal implication and developmental research. 

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Stuck in the middle with you 

By Jennifer Finney Boylan

Jennifer Finney Boylan, a parent and Trans woman, tells of her simultaneous parenting and gender journey. She delves deeper into the meaning of motherhood, fatherhood and parenting with interviews of individuals with unique and remarkable stories about what it means to be a family. These interviews approach intersections of gender and parenting with an open-heart and curious mind. 


Movies and Docs To Watch


The Trans List


Directed and shot by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, The Trans List highlights the lives of transgender Americans.  With interviews by Janet Mock, individuals share their thoughts, insights, and emotions on deeply personal subjects, triumphs and struggles, the fight for equality and Trans rights. 

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Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric

National Geographic Channel

A comprehensive look at gender identity and expression, produced by Katie Couric. With first hand advice, narrative and education from top gender activists and specialists, as well as cutting edge research affirming gender exploration and creativity. A great introduction to Transgender and gender creative identities and expressions. 



Raising Ryland


A heartwarming story about one family's love and support for their young child, a Transgender kindergartener named Ryland. Complete with interviews of Ryland's parents and Ryland himself. This short film focuses on how Ryland gained the emotional strength and  language skills to communicate his gender identity to his family, and how his family mobilized to support their child in the home and greater community. Watch online free! 

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