Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the workshops for?

All members of the team from from entry-level to C-suite are encouraged to engage in diversity training initiatives. We recommend members of the leadership team join the workshops to strengthen org-wide participation and catalyze action. The product-focused workshops will especially benefit design, product and engineering teams, as well as anyone involved their company’s products and services.

What’s included in an
In-Person workshop?

Workshop Facilitators
2-3 Expert facilitators with deep knowledge on the topic and lived experience as underrepresented identities.

Interactive Group Experience
Participants form small groups to work through challenges as a team. Shared experiences are valuable when learning new and complex information.

Inclusive Action Cards ™
A deck of 18 cards with actionable tips for innovative teams to foster belonging. Each card presents a new opportunity to take inclusive action. One deck per attendee.

Interactive Workbooks
During the workshop, participants use their workbooks to solve complex challenges and articulate solutions. Workbooks include best practices and resources for continued learning long after the workshop is over.

Pronoun Stickers
Participants can opt to wear stickers with the pronouns they identify with to normalize the practice of gender inclusion.

Do you have other offerings besides what’s listed on the Services page?

Absolutely! We’ve listed our core workshops and our best-sellers here. In addition to consulting hours, we also design and tailor workshops to best suit the needs of each client. The pricing for these options may vary, please contact us for more accurate pricing.

What do we need to provide to host an Argo workshop?

Screen projector is required, as well as space for small groups to work together and walls to post on. All other materials (such as post-its, markers, workbooks, and Inclusive Action Cards™) will be provided.

How many participants are allowed in each workshop?

We try to cap each experience to 40 people to ensure an intimate space for participants to share, be vulnerable, and grow. However, we are flexible depending on the situation.

How long do the workshops usually last?

In-person workshops range form 2 hours to a half-day. Taking in new information can be overwhelming, and we believe this is enough time to get the conversation started without teams leaving overly saturated.

Why don’t you offer Unconscious Bias training?

To be frank, we don’t believe general “Unconscious Bias” training actually works. In our experience, the broader the workshop content, the less the teams absorb. Rather than overwhelm participants with a wide range of topics, our workshops are targeted and dig deep deep rather than wide, so participants are more likely to retain information. But don’t confuse specificity with “niche.” Every topic covered by our workshops is valuable for every team. It’s not if it will be relevant to a person or situation in the community, but when.

Do you have public events I can attend?

We offer ticketed quarterly events for individuals to attend. This is an excellent option if your team hasn’t yet been approved for a budget to cover the cost of an in-house workshop where we come to you, but you have a smaller L&D, ERG, or D&I budget that can be used to send a few members of the team to us. We recommend this option for schools and companies at the early stages of their Diversity and Inclusion journey to effectively train key participants who become advocates within their respective organizations.

Can I buy your materials

The Argo Store will be opening soon! Stay tuned!

Do you travel for in-person workshops? Are the travel fees included in your price?

We do travel for in-person workshops! We have not included travel fees in our workshop prices because they are dependent on how far we need to travel.

Is there a low-cost option for my Nonprofit?

We do offer low-cost options for nonprofits and schools. Please contact us for pricing.

How far in advance should we book a workshop?

We typically ask at least 30 days to prepare a workshop for your team. However, if we have availability, we won’t turn you away if you need it sooner.

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