People don't quit jobs. They quit managers. 

Our programs are designed to help teams connect, communicate and grow together. We use design thinking and agile development frameworks to engage teams in familiar strategies so they can master new concepts quickly.

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Collaborative workshops

  • Activate Change in your workplace

  • Discover tools for inclusive communication

  • Collaborate and problem solve real-life challenges

  • Create tactical strategies to be more inclusive


Start with who's on the team

  • Reduce talent churn

  • Improve company culture

  • Innovation & Productivity rise

  • Strong sense of belonging

What’s included in a workshop?

Workplace Inclusion Cards

  • Each card in the deck presents a new opportunity for inclusive actions as well as tips to implement gender inclusion in the workplace.

  • Workshop participants get a free deck of cards per attendee.

  • Each deck includes a booklet insert defining common gender inclusion terms.

  • Standard poker sized deck of 18 cards.


Workshop Materials for Each Attendee:

  • Workplace Inclusion Cards

  • Inclusion Workbooks

  • Pronouns Stickers

  • Culture Baseline Survey + Outcome Reporting

  • GO-forward Action Plan


Want More Info? 

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