These are a few of our favorite books for children that promote a positive messages and images of gender-nonconforming, trans identities, and/or intersectional identities 


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Red: A Crayon's STory

by Michael Hall

The story of a mislabeled crayon, who finds his true blue color with the help of an open-minded friend. His blue insides are all wrapped up in a red label, he tries to draw red hearts and his loved ones try to fix him, to no avail. He struggles until a friend with an unbiased perspective asks him to draw the ocean. A heartwarming story of self-acceptance and perseverance. 



I am Jazz 

By Jazz Jennings

The story of Transgender teen, Jazz Jennings. A lovely narrative of Jazz's gender journey narrated from her perspective. By the time she could speak, Jazz Jennings was asserting her identity as a girl. She tells of how she found her true self and the support of her family. 

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What Makes a Baby

By Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth

A story of how people bring a baby into a family, for every kind of family and every kind of kid. This is a wonderful example of the diverse identities, bodies and families who give birth to and raise children.



Meet Polkadot

The story of the struggles and experiences of Polkadot, a non-binary Transgender child. Supports early understandings of gender as in a person's heart and mind, rather than as defined by body parts. A beautiful representation of non-binary and gender independent young children.

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