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Companies That Trust Argo:


In Their Words


“The energy in the room during the workshop is powerful and palpable, and it endures.”



"The group breakout sessions were so beneficial to me. Interacting and talking through a scenario and why it might not be ideal, and building better solutions was so insightful." 



“I loved how comfortable and easy it felt to engage with this topic I previously felt was totally above my head.”

-Fog Creek


"Max and Jay create a safe environment for exploring what can be a sensitive topic, especially for people without direct experience."

-IBM Design


“The cards made it feel really easy to make a change! Even something small I now understand how it can make a big difference.”

-Cliff Bar Co.


"I really appreciated the feeling of being able to ask "dumb" questions without judgement."



"Found your session utterly inspiring. Loved the themes you shared! It was truly transformative."



The ways that Argo helped us interact and work with each other towards a group goal was transformative.

-IQ Talent Partners



“I am a UX designer and I loved how designed this workshop was! Everything was simply beautiful."

-IBM Design


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