We support you in building inclusive work environments, classrooms and communities. 




Custom workshops and programming development are tailored to suit the needs of the entire school community.


Improve company culture and promote an inclusive product with Design Thinking workshops for all team members.

Summer Programs

At Argo, gender education doesn't stop when school is out! We work with summer camps to provide a range of support year round. 



At Argo, we are Committed: 

✓ Nonjudgemental, we encourage learning

✓ Approachable material that builds on what you already know

✓ Starting from the ground up? We work together to identify pain points and come up with collective solutions 


We encourage team members to become agents of change for their workplace communities and the world at large. 



Visualize existing triggers and pain points within company culture and across all touch-points.


Transform products and environments to be safe and welcoming for all employees, customers, and beyond.


Gain empathy for all customers and consumers and test innovative ideas through prototypes.


Learning Across Privilege 

In our world, certain identities & backgrounds are privileged over others. We must examine the systems that reward certain types of privilege.

Most cisgender people don't realize that their gender is not often called into question. That is a privilege. Examining and dismantling systems of privilege fosters innovation.

When team members work together,  they become an active community of allies and accomplices for all identities. 


Argo In Practice

Argo made what could have been a really challenging, delicate conversation feel approachable & navigable.
It completely changed the way we think about innovation.”

— Director of Consumer Innovation


Argo sparks accessible and critical conversations about gender development, trans inclusion, and intersectional identities.



Develop comprehensive, inclusion-based programming and policy design, from nursery school to early elementary.


Personalized workshops and affinity groups for faculty and staff  facilitates learning and promotes gender awareness.


Workshops designed for groups of parents or family-centered assemblies ensure the whole school community is on the same page.  


Starting Early

By Age 2,  children already understand gender as binary, so most believe they only have 2 options for their identity. 

At Argo, we feel that gender is nuanced and complex, just as every human is unique. We work to create communities in which every child feels safe and supported as they grow.


Argo In Practice

Argo offered the perfect combination of poise, patience and thoughtfulness to our group. We will continue to grow in our understanding of gender identity thanks to the fantastic foundation that you helped to create for us.
— Alison Brock, Board President WMRC