Actionable strategies to build an authentic, inclusive culture.  

Argo Collective uses the shared language of design and product thinking to harness creative energy and activate learning. 




Beyond a lecture 

Our programs are collaborative, integrative and always super hands-on to engage learning and go beyond theory. 

Perspective Shift 

Trans and nonbinary facilitators create a safe space to build empathy for marginalized identities & work through challenges.

Action road map

Teams leave with a concrete plan for going forward.  Inclusion isn’t built in a day, but a scalable foundation certainly can be.


Sarah B. Nelson.jpeg

"This workshop is essential to developing inclusive environments. I walked out feeling educated and confident that I can show up as a more effective and empathetic ally."

Sarah B. Nelson - she/her

Practice Lead
IBM Design


Martin Hauck.jpeg

"Now I have a much clearer picture of the road ahead and feel much more comfortable navigating said road."

Martin Hauck - he/him

Head of Talent



Dixon Irene.jpeg

"Argo helped us interact and work with each other towards a group goal of becoming better prepared. The communal work of pulling together our experiences was transformative."

DIXON IRENE - they/them

Sr. Talent Acquisition and Sourcing
IQ Talent Partners