Collaborative workshop sessions that empower teams to imagine solutions.

Because small actions have a big impact.



Beyond a lecture 

Our programs are collaborative, integrative and always super hands-on to engage learning and go beyond theory. 

Perspective Shift 

Expert facilitators bring a unique combination of user research and lived experience to build empathy & work through challenges.

Action road map

Teams leave with a concrete plan and Go-Forward strategy.  Inclusion isn’t built in a day, but a scalable foundation certainly can be.

Sarah B. Nelson.jpeg

"This workshop is essential to developing inclusive environments. I walked out feeling educated and confident that I can show up as a more effective and empathetic ally."

Sarah B. Nelson - she/her

Practice Lead
IBM Design 


"The workshop was amazing, eye-opening and paired raising awareness and planning tactical solutions together better than any workshop I’ve ever done before. To top it off, Max and Jay were phenomenal facilitators and are always a pleasure to work with!" 

Lara kristina - she/her

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Martin Hauck.jpeg

"Now I have a much clearer picture of the road ahead and feel much more comfortable navigating said road."

Martin Hauck - he/him

Head of Talent